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A Brief History

The idea of a human body submitted to rhythms goes back to ancient times.
Biologists now explain that the different cells of the human body are periodically replaced, each category according to its own cycle and the whole human body taking 7 years to totally regenerate (apart from the nervous cells).
When they combined all the rhythms to which we are subjected (life and death of the cells, planetary cycles), some researchers found, with a lot of statistics, that they could sum up everything with 3 periodic curves... A little simplistic, but interesting.
That's how, at the beginning of the twentieth century, German and Austrian doctors highlighted:
  • a physical cycle of 23 days,
  • an emotional cycle of 28 days,
  • and an intellectualcycle of 33 days.
Since then, many statistics seem to show that accidents occur during critical days, that is to say (see below), when one of the three cycles changes phase.
In the sixties, American people were interested in it and hospitals, the army, firms started to use biorhythms a lot in order to reduce the number of accidents. Success was phenomenal in Japan too.
In the eighties, biorhythms were used a great deal by firms and the sports world.
Their success was linked to the idea of putting into an equation the individual, defined from his/her birth by three little periodic curves. It is not very different from having recourse to astrology, but it seems so much more scientific...

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