Astrology Software

King of the Stars is a Complete Western Astrology software.

It generates amazing Natal Analyses, Forecasts, provides lessons, helps and tutorials, allows sophisticated Searches...

Five Stars at Ziff-Davis' HotFiles! 
Rated 5 stars by Ziff-Davis

For Windows XP, Seven ...

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1. Press the download command above: you'll have to choose where to store the self-extracting file Kingkosabis.exe.

2. Once the file Kingkosabis.exe downloaded, double-click on it.
Files will be extracted (in the C:\Delemme\Kos\Tmp directory) and then installed (in C:\Delemme\Kos).

3. Double click on King of the Stars icon (or on C:\Delemme\Kos\Kingstar.exe)